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We send you a PIN because it is a way for us to ensure the security of your information.

Our system will be linked to your personal email account. Your email account will be used to reset your password, retrieve your username and receive important notifications.

For security purposes, we do not allow more than one client to register the same email account in our system.

Sign In

You can reset your password any time. Navigate to the login page and click 'Forgot my password.' Proceed through the steps to set up a new password.

If you have forgotten your username, navigate to the login page, click on 'Forgot my username' and proceed through the steps. Your user name will be emailed to the address you have registered with us.

My Profile

First, navigate to the top of the web page and click on your name. Select 'My Profile' to access your contact information. To change your contact information, edit the desired fields, then select “Save.” Note: To edit your legal name, you must contact us 844-426-6733.

To edit your full legal name, you must contact us at 844-426-6733. To edit your preferred name (the name that shows up at the top of every page) click on your name at the top of the web page and select 'My Profile.' Browse to the 'Preferred Name' field, type in your preferred name and select 'Save.'

When you give us a preferred first name, you allow us to address you as you prefer – both in person and within our websites!

When you give us your preferred contact time, we can get in touch when it's most convenient for you.

Our system will be linked to your personal email account. We will use this email account to assist you with password and username reset, and send you important announcements about your account.

Access Report

The Access Report shows you parties authorized to view your information, as well as parties whose information you’ve been granted to view. Compeer reveals data within the website based on authorizations documents provided by clients that Compeer has on file. Clients are responsible for keeping their authorizations up-to-date.

The level of access a party has to view information depends upon the level of authorization that has been granted. Parties with “entity authorization” have access to view all information and documents that you can view.

To add or remove an individual’s access to your information, please contact us at 844-426-6733 during normal business hours.

If you believe you should have access to additional information or to another party's information, please have the other party contact us at 844-426-6733 during normal business hours to complete the proper authorization information.

Accounts Overview

The Accounts Overview section of this site lists all the loans, leases and other accounts you have access to. You'll have access to all the accounts for which you are the primary borrower or co-borrower. You may also have access to accounts where you've been provided with third party authorization to another individual or where you are an authorized party of a business or entity. You can use the dropdown menu next to the 'Accounts Overview' heading to filter down to only your information (accounts you are the primary or co-borrower) or you can filter down to an individual or business you are authorized to view.

If you believe you should have access to additional information or to another party’s information, please have the other party contact us at 844-426-6733 during normal business hours to complete the proper authorization information.

The Borrower displayed in the Accounts Overview section is the primary borrower for the individual loan, lease or other account. If you are the co-borrower on a specific account, your name will not appear as the Borrower in the account summary information. To see the primary and all other co-borrowers on an account, click on that specific account to go to the account detail page. All borrowers will be listed towards the bottom of the page.

The CIF number listed is the CIF number for the primary borrower. A CIF number is an identification number used by Compeer. An individual may have more than one CIF number due to various borrowing relationships.

Financials and Documents

To upload documents or financials, select either 'Documents' or 'Financial Tools' at the top of the page. Select 'Browse' to find the document on your computer, select the category you want to upload to, and then select 'Upload.'

How documents are downloaded to your computer or mobile device depends on many factors. These may include your choice of operating system, browser or third-party software related to viewing specific types of documents. Generally, but depending on your settings, clicking on a document name on the Documents page will open the document in a browser window or download it to your computer or mobile device.

If you experience difficulty with downloading a document to your computer or mobile device, please call us at 844-426-6733.

You can currently access your statements, bills and other tax forms by visiting the 'Documents' page. As we continue to enhance this secure site, we’ll also be making other documents, such as, tax documents, balance sheets, loan and lease documents and more available to you in the future.

Crop Insurance

Policy Type Type of insurance policy the document is referencing
County The county that the policy covers
Crop Year The growing year that the policy covers
Policy # The Insurance policy number
Company The insurance company utilized for the policy

Supporting Documents

CIF This is the unique number assigned to a Compeer client. You may have more than one CIF depending on the borrower/borrowing group. Compeer often asks for the CIF to identify you, simply because we are sure we get to the right accounts when we search by CIF. It's a good thing to have handy, and it may be required in some cases (like enrolling for Online Banking). Don't worry, though. If you don't know it, we can work through that.
Account Name This is the name Compeer has associated with the Tax ID. This can be the name of an individual or an entity. Regardless, this name will reflect a relationship to a single tax ID, but may be related to more than one CIF.
Loan Number The ID number for a specific loan/lease/account with Compeer. This field may or may not be presented. If a document is associated with a tax ID as a whole, but not a specific loan/lease/account, then it will remain blank. However, any document specifically attached to an account number will display the number of that account here.
Indexed Date The date the document was electronically loaded. The date reflected here is simply the date that the document was "indexed" or placed into the Compeer electronic document service. It does not reflect the effective date of the document. Always check the actual document for the effective date.


Calendar items include important Compeer events and webinars, important dates and other reminders.


You will receive notices for upcoming calendar events, deadlines for submitting financials, unexpected office closures due to weather and more.

Messages are located next to the calendar tab. Toggle between the two tabs to see all of your events and messages.